Wednesday, November 30, 2005

a white Christmas?

I took this last week in the Warwickshire village near my home. Beautiful, isn't it? I almost expected to see the odd duck frozen solid in the pond, maybe just its head sticking out. And then the snow came. For a while it seemed as though my dire warnings of a mini Ice Age were not so far-fetched after all. But the snow began to thaw quite rapidly and is now just a vague iciness clinging to the hedgerows. Well, this is Warwickshire. Not the Orkneys. Though I think the kids would have liked the snow to stick around a little longer.

Quite a few of my posts seem to be about the weather recently. Hmm. It's all very British of me, but perhaps I should try and make my next post about poetry instead. Just to keep up appearances.

Here are my twin sons, three years old, out in the recent snow.


Wong Online PoKer Hu said...

I have never really been able to experience more than six inches of snow. I'm hoping that this season I'd get to, even if I have to endure the cold at night. I've also never seen a view like the one you've captured with your camers.

Jane Holland said...

Thanks, the one of the village pond is a good wintery photograph, though I say it myself. Actually I have some even better shots taken the same day - ethereal freezing fog shots - but I used some of them on other websites I administer and I don't like to repeat myself!

Perhaps I'll post up a few more at some later date. Maybe in the summer!